DRIFT 028: Simon Grab

Drift 28 is perhaps the furthest we've had from club sounds so far and comes from Swiss experimental producer Simon Grab. The co-founder of ganzerplatz sound studios has been an active musician in a wide range of contexts, with a strong punk attitude, always drawing from his roots in dub and noise. As a composer and sound artist, he produces music & sound design for feature films, documentaries, theatre and radio. In live performances and installations Simon Grab uses the venue as an acoustic playground which leads to a truly organic and inimatble approach to his music which caught me compltely off-guard the first time I heard it.

In his recent work, he focuses on reduction, and the peculiarity of self-referential systems. The album 'Anthropocene Panic' (sound-space Records London 2020) follows his recent LP 'Posthuman Species' and the EP 'Extinction' on -OUS records based in Zurich. His 'Diamonds EP' in collaboration with Togolese rapper Yao Bobby and Asian Dub Foundation’s Dhangsha released on Bristol’s LavaLava Records, and has been chosen as one of the Albums of the year 2019 by the online magazine The Quietus. It is truly a brilliant EP and turned my idea of what music can be completely on its head - if you are into unusual or different sounding music then I urge you to go and listen to it!

For his mix, Simon brings some of his own productions which explore rhythmic and pulsating noise before showcasing some of his favourite tracks from genres including noise, ambient and more. The mix twists and turns through deep and experimental soundscapes with whirling bleeps and crackles stamped throughout. Industrial frequencies jump and jitter for the entire hour - this is not mere background music, rather something to be actively listened to and enjoyed.

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DRIFT 028: Simon Grab

Deep and experimental soundscapes with whirling bleeps and crackles stamped throughout.


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